A Campaign of Ideas

From the beginning we have made this a campaign of ideas. We have set an open and positive tone that will carry over into the kind of city hall we intend to run. We talk with people, exchange ideas, seek common ground, and strive to build consensus. This is key to why six of seven city council members support this campaign. We will work together and move this city forward.

This is also why I have refrained from personal attacks and negative campaigning. I have endeavored to offer positions that contrast with the status quo, and keep comments about the incumbent limited to ways we can improve practices, policies, and procedures. We have endeavored to be professional, constructive, and positive.

I intend to be the mayor of all of University Heights, including those of you who don’t vote for me. Negative campaigning can win elections, but it limits the ability to bring people together afterward. It builds resentments that are difficult or impossible to overcome, hindering not only effective administration of the city, but the common vision necessary to achieve progress. All of our great ideas and plans would then go nowhere.

As we enter the final days before the election, I am proud that both mayoral campaigns have overall stayed positive. Civility has been lost in many levels in politics. Here in University Heights we are better than that. I want you to know that now through November 7, our campaign intends to stay the course, keep the tone positive, and engage in nothing that is negative, personal, or beneath the dignity of the office. May the best ideas win. Together, we will reach new heights!

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