Why I Am Running for Mayor of University Heights

My goals for city government are to:

  • Ensure the safety of our residents;
  • Strengthen our housing stock and property values;
  • Improve our infrastructure;
  • Ensure high quality city services;
  • Establish a favorable climate for business and invest in our business districts;
  • Promote quality of life amenities;
  • Create a strong sense of community by promoting citizen involvement and respect for diversity and inclusiveness.


University Heights has maintained its own identity through our shared values, our neighborhood of beautiful homes, and our historic business districts.  

But we can do more.

Our city needs forward-thinking leadership that will bring people together, that will collaborate and build consensus, and look for opportunities and create solutions to the challenges we face. 

We need a mayor who is candid, open to new ideas, and willing to work together with city council and the community at large to make University Heights the best it can be.  

To these ends, I have a created a list of issues for public discussion, to begin now and continue beyond the upcoming election.  During this campaign I will be addressing these issues, and I welcome the input of citizens, council, and city employees:

1. Improvement of public safety and reduction of crime;

2. Strengthening of our property values, and with that, the implementation of incentives for homeowners to encourage home improvement;

3. Creation of an efficient and effective city government that helps residents solve problems and is respectful of the communities within our city, and with that, the reestablishment and promotion of citizen committees in city government;

4. Revitalization of northwestern University Heights;

5. Revitalization of all of our business districts, from University Square to Cedar-Taylor, and restoration of lost retail;

6. Improvement of roads, curbs, and other infrastructure;

7. Improvement of city design to make University Heights friendly for pedestrians and bicyclists;

8. Creation and promotion of health, wellness, educational, and cultural activities for our youth, our families, and our senior citizens;

9. Development of an image of University Heights, honoring our history while looking forward to the future we want to create for our city;

10. Improvement of our budgeting process, prioritizing the above issues, and determining how to pay for what we want for ourselves and our city.

These issues are bigger than any one candidate or election.

They are reflective of who we are and who we want to be. 

We will state our vision, develop strategies, and then work together to achieve our goals. 

Together we will reach new heights. 

Join us! Volunteer and donate today.

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  • Christine Hudak
    commented 2017-07-07 14:07:23 -0400
    Hello, I am very glad that there is a choice this year for Mayor of our city. I am particularly interested in the Fire Safety issues and Police officers. Our firemen and Police are outstanding first responders but when we don’t protect the Firemen and send them to East Cleveland, where they are put in danger, it doesn’t make sense. We don’t abut East Cleveland. When the current Mayor does not know exactly how many runs we’ve made there, and holds the title of Safety Director, it does not bode well for the citizens. Based on the last Council meeting, it appears that she is out of touch with what we want. We have to restore our Firemen to our city and give our Police more funding. I wish you much luck in your campaign.
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