Board of Elections Approves Michael Dylan Brennan for the Ballot for UH Mayor

On Wednesday we filed my petition to run for Mayor of University Heights. I needed the valid signatures of 92 registered voters. I submitted 180 signatures of friends, neighbors, and supporters from all around University Heights. 

The Board of Elections has approved my petition. I will be on the ballot this November! 

This is a crucial first step to returning city hall to the people of University Heights...


I want to thank several people who have helped make everything possible thus far. This is not an all inclusive list. But a few people deserve special mention at this point.

Thank you to my wife, Gina Ventre, for her support, advice, and encouragement, as well as her help proofreading, stuffing envelopes, and too many other things to list here.

Thank you to my Treasurer, Mike Sears, for his support, advice, and encouragement, as well as his strong work as a petition circulator, single-handedly gathering 40 of the 180 signatures we filed this week.

Thank you to Councilwoman Pam Cameron, for her support, advice, and encouragement. She's been telling me to run for office here in UH only since 2012 or so! Pam circulated a petition for me as well. Thank you, Pam!

Thank you to UH resident Tami Jirousek for her generous and enthusiastic encouragement, and for putting herself out there getting signatures in her precinct. 

Thank you to my sister-in-law, Giovanna Ventre, for her advice and encouragement, and for circulating a petition for me as well.

Thank you to Andy and Alyssa Grau, who had me over to meet their neighbors and get their signatures. A second thank you to Andy who circulated a petition and gathered additional signatures.

Thank you to David Malcmacher, who hosted his friends and neighbors to learn more about me, and who all signed my petition.

Thank you to Anita Kazarian, who had me over just this week to meet her neighbors, discuss the issues with them, and gather their signatures. Anita's candor and enthusiasm are inspiring!

Thank you to the several members of city council and other community leaders who have already met with me individually to share ideas for the future of University Heights. I look forward to working with you all, from now to November and then beyond as your mayor.

Special thanks to Councilman Mark Wiseman, who was the first member of council to go on record and endorse my candidacy, and whose advice has been invaluable these past few weeks.

Thank you to the 180 people here in University Heights who signed this petition. Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas with me, to listen to my ideas for the city, and for believing that I can help bring positive change to the city. 

Thank you to the donors who have already contributed to my campaign, many of them in anticipation of our August 9 event

Without all of you, and without many more who go unnamed here, none of this would be possible.

Working together, our residents will learn the collaborative approach we intend to bring to city government. We can do better, and there is much to do between now and November 7. But it is all within reach. Together we will reach new heights!

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