On the Local 860 Piece

Several of you have asked me to comment on the piece mailed out by Local 860.

I am looking into the facts regarding the dispute between the service department employees and the city about the city’s use of temporary employees. I do not yet have all the facts I need to evaluate the merits of the dispute.

But I don’t have to know the merits to be disappointed by the existence of this piece, especially its tone and timing. From the beginning we have made this a campaign of ideas. This piece has no place in that. This piece was not released by my campaign, or with the approval of my campaign. If I had anything to say about it, this piece would not exist.

I will take this opportunity to reaffirm my beliefs that we all should have access to good jobs, be allowed to earn at least a living wage, and that people with criminal records who have served their time and been rehabilitated deserve employment.

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