UH Councilman Steven Sims endorses Brennan for Mayor

University Heights mayoral candidate Michael Dylan Brennan today received the endorsement of University Heights City Councilman Steven Sims:


"I endorse Michael Brennan for mayor of the city of University Heights. 
Having served as a member of council here for the past 10 years, I know the strategic importance of forward thinking, collaborative leadership in lifting our city from ordinary to extraordinary. 
As mayor, I am confident Michael Brennan will provide the kind of strong, effective, and transparent leadership needed to better ensure the future success and prosperity of our city, and articulate a coherent community vision to better address the growing list of needs and concerns that confront our city including safety and the deterioration of streets and neighborhoods that has become far more visible and pronounced."


Mr. Sims is the fifth member of University Heights City Council to endorse Mr. Brennan for mayor, joining Councilmembers Mark Wiseman, Michele Weiss, Pamela Cameron, and John Rach. 

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